Little by little some of my stories, and some of my poetry, have begun creeping out into the wider world. That they have done so is a source of great pleasure to me. That they bring pleasure to others, to readers, is an even greater source of pleasure.

To those who have already parted with hard-earned cash for these works, many thanks. To those who may be prompted to go and buy based on the images here - hearty thanks, and don't let me stop you!

Goldberg Variations. Our lives could go in many possible directions.

What if we had taken that turn? Or this other fork in the road; said that one thing; or learned to hold our tongue and so not have to wish we could un-say it.

Meet Anna and Ruth Goldberg, again and again, through many of the possible relationships between these women, mother and daughter. The Goldberg Variations

Not by Dark Alone is my first long-format story.

Alphard, the main character, is one who stands apart. In a group-oriented, telepathic society, that makes him an oddity. Even more because he is Dark, non-telepathic.

That very oddity allows him to save members of a Research team who will die without his help.

Yet when those of his species abduct two members of a potentially intelligent alien race — they call themselves Humans — his abilities will be taxed to their limits. 

My story, "Intimate Strangers", has been included in the second volume of "The Best of Friday Flash, Volume 2". There are well over 50 stories in the anthology and I was fortunate enough to have my story selected as one of the three Editor's Choices. My thanks to the editors and the publisher.

The book is available at the publisher eMergent Publishing and, in paperback, at Amazon.

If you enjoy rich and varied stories, this is a great anthology to add to your bookshelves.

Ribbon in the Darkness - When a vital part of her twin goes missing, Rose must rescue him. With her cat and her journal, she braves a cold dark place, finds her twin and rescues other children as well.

Sins of the Father and other stories - Five short stories digging through the darker sides of relationships - and the far-reaching impact we can have on one another.

Haiku — Through a Lens - A collection of haiku paired with photographs gathered about the themes of Light, Darkness, Travel and Seasons.

Those who follow my tweets, or have seen my Facebook page, know that I am fond of haiku. The small, beautiful, Japanese poetry style forms the vast bulk of my Twitter activity. From time to time I have included photos of the world around me, pairing them with haiku.

Best of Friday Flash - Volume One
A Collection Of Short Fiction
Edited by J. M. Strother

Friday Flash is a weekly global writing event. Writers worldwide post flash fiction, stories of 1,000 words or less, and announce them via the #fridayflash hashtag on Twitter or Facebook. Friday Flash is a true community - a virtual online writer's colony. This collection gathers sixty-seven of the very best - from humor to horror, slice-of-life to science fiction - under one cover.

I am very fortunate that my story, Breaking Day, is included in the collection.

The book is available in paperback at: and ebook at:

On the Web - Other of my work can be found on the web at the links in the "KjM's Writing on the Web" section to the right on this page. My thanks to those who've been kind enough to feature my stories.

And thank you for visiting.

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