Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Storytelling keeps me awake...

...for who would sleep through life?

Of late my blog seems to have become a series of tales - attached to the #fridayflash tag. Well, a long time ago and far away - decades in the past and on another continent entirely - it was said of me, "With you, Kevin, everything is a story."

Can't help it. At least, I've no intention of trying. And I enjoy spinning these tales.

I'm coming to the end of the writing course I've been engaged with for, at least, a year and a half. My final assignment is due early next week. Truth be told, it's due this Friday. But it's not going to happen (I still have to finish writing it.)

It has been interesting, and educational, to watch my writing change over the course of the...ahem... course. Technique has improved, that's for certain. I approach short stories, that I wish to write, differently. I look for beginning, middle, end. For conflict, complication, climax.

As can be seen, it had not cured me of a fondness for fragments, nor my love of alliteration.

Now, two best-seller novels and a screenplay should do it. Then I can retire, no?

Probably not. I will continue to tell tales for I believe in the role of the Storyteller for us humans.

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  1. I don't think writers ever retire. God, what would we do?