Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No sooner there but gone...

The way of things, I suppose. For some time now I've reported my blog address as kevin.mackey.name/blog. It was a nce feature provided by the company managing my .name domain.

They provided a variety of redirections, e-mail, twitter, facebook and blogs.That is, until they stopped providing anything at all. So, the management of my .name has been taken over.They provide redirection, for e-mail and to another domain for the address kevin.mackey.name.

Anything following the .name, you're on your own. So my /blog suffix no longer achieves anything. It is ever thus.

My blog resides at http://kjmackey.typepad.com

So much for universal resource locators.


  1. I'm a little confused, but what else is new? :) I had your old address in my rss, but I just checked my post for today and I had it in there as your new url (which I'd copied from my rss?) And the moon is made of green cheese...

  2. That explains it then - cheese, one of the great underestimated evils in the world! :)
    Green (or blue, for that matter) cheese anyway.
    OK, OK. Let the stoning begin.
    Regarding the automatic switching of the addresses...color me baffled (which is, I believe, an odd shade of green).

  3. Welcome to this place, KjM!