Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sorry, no guarantees this side of...

Sometimes plans change, but I prefer that there be reason other than pique behind it.

For a month or more we have been looking at real estate listings in Kansas City, MO. The intent was (and remains) to move there at some point in the future. Nice as where we live is, it will become too expensive at some point.

There had been much back-and-forth communication with a realtor in KC. He had sent us some listings. We had found some. There was even overlap - which suggested the realtor "got it".

Dick had arranged a trip there, four days. Tickets, car, hotel, all done.

Then an email from the realtor saying he couldn't even show any place unless we had all the financing arranged and, in effect, he was assured of the sale.

Further back-and-forth ensued, with the temperature rising. Ending in the cancellation of the trip - and a final email from me freezing everything solid. A bad habit, or character trait, but when I am sufficiently annoyed, everything gets very cold and very formal. It does not seem likely we will ever deal with this particular realtor again.

So, the long term goal remains. But thinking of it is a little toxic right now. 

Well, there's always the lottery.


  1. I'm with you...I wouldn't touch this realtor with a ten foot pole (or would you rather that be in 'meters'?)
    Don't let the a**hole ruin the excitement of your plans. He sounds like an aberration. Forge on!

  2. Whoa, that sounds outrageous. I've never heard of a realtor refusing to show anyone houses. Hope you were able to get full refunds on all your reservations.
    KC, eh? Why you'll almost be within shouting distance of me. :)

  3. 10 meters works for me - greater distance! :-}
    The plans remain, the timeline is just undergoing some, eh, restructuring.

  4. Hadn't heard of that either. There was some cost to changing the flight to the Christmas trip, but not as much as expected.
    Yes, I done the drive from KC to St. Louis. I can't - quite - shout that far. :-}