Monday, February 22, 2010

Hi, I'm Kevin - and I'm a geek

It's true, I am. Ask any of my friends or relatives (and yes, those two sets do intersect).

Sigh. It's obvious, isn't it? I'm even creating this blog entry from my phone - how's that for smart? (Sorry, geek humor.)

Often I can go quite some time without it taking over. During such times I strike others as mildly eccentric, but not dangerous to babies or small animals. And I am free to pursue my work and other major interst - writing.

Ah but then...ah but then...

Of late, probably about a month or more now, I've been hanging out on blogs and fora (yes, five years of Latin will do that to you) dedicated to the wold of mobile phones, mobile computing and, most particularly, Nokia high-end phones/Internet Tablets.

I must admit to being a fan of Nokia phones - although I have owned all three Apple iPhone models.

And what has all this recent geeking-out done? Left me incredibly frustrated, that's what. All I need is time - another 10, 15, 20(?) hours a day and I could do something. Just need to polish my Python programming skills, learn the QT user interface development environment and crank out some code.

I'm seldom short of ideas. People know this about me. They tell me I should blog about the mobile device space. "You should blog about this," they say.

Ah but, that takes away from the one other thing I have some talent for - writing stories.

And I can't let that go. Because, as I wrote elsewhere, storytelling matters.

But I'm still allowed to be frustrated, aren't I?


  1. If you ever develope an app to create more time in a day I'll be your first customer. :)

    What I don't understand is your penchant for writing longhand and how it interacts with your geekness. They don't seem to mesh, Kevin.

  2. Should I write such an app, Laura, I'll retrire, buy an island and write Small Bright Creature stories.

    Regarding my fondness for writing longhand, there my being a geek runs up against my being perverse.

    Perverse wins everytime. :-)