Friday, June 25, 2010

A long way from Clare to here...

Even longer from Dublin to oh so many ways.

Going by the day rather than the date, I stepped off a plane in Oakland seventeen years ago today. In one hundred four degrees of heat - and an overcoat. Given I was arriving with pretty much all I had to my name, it was the easiest way to carry it.

"Easiest" - at least up until that point.

Much had happened to bring me to that place and that time. Yet more has happened since. While I might wish to change some aspects of my life up to that watershed arrival, I would not care to change anything that has transpired since.

A long way - and not only in time and space.


  1. I'm glad a monumental move like that brought you a new life that you cherish so much. It's always interesting to look back at particular events, both big and small, and see how our lives change dramatically from them.

  2. It has to take a lot of courage to leave an old familiar world behind and take up a new life in a new land. Sounds like you made the right decision.