Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jimmy Carter - Poet

I wrote a Haiku yesterday, several indeed. It's how I roll, or tweet as the case may be.

I wrote recently that some of them are bad, some of them are really bad and then, some... Some can be what I strive for when I write Haiku, or anything for that matter.

This one from yesterday:

The moon's tidal pull / Heartbeat of the Pacific / Our cockleshell lives

I quite liked. I should. I stole it.

Not consciously. Not intentionally. Not that that matters.

Ex-President Jimmy Carter is a writer, a poet, and many, many other things.  I own a book of poetry of his, Always a Reckoning and other poems, published in 1995.

It contains the following:

Fuji humbles us—
its strength and lasting beauty—
our own fleeting lives.

I remember the impact it had when I first read it. It seems the impact went deeper than I thought.

So, ignore my Haiku. The source of that one is so much better. And sincere apologies to Mr. Carter.


  1. You are a wonderful Haiku writer! I never knew that Jimmy Carter is a poet...

  2. Thanks Laura.

    I believe I bought the book mentioned above somewhere in the mid to late nineties and was pleasantly surprised at the beauty of many of his poems.

  3. I very much like 'The afternoon's heat' haiku. I think you are anamazing haiku-er. it's one of the hardest forms to do well, and you do it well. Peace...

  4. Linda, many many thanks. After over 1,000 haiku I like to think I can create some that are worth the seventeen syllables.

    Thank you for stopping by.