Friday, August 20, 2010

Seeking Adventure

"You really can't stay there all day," said the Small Bright Creature.

It stood looking down at a pile of leaves.

"If you're not careful, someone might not know you're there and trip over you."

The pile of leaves shivered and a small black nose poked out. It was followed by a long narrow snout and two small bright eyes.

"There you are," said the Small Bright Creature, smiling. "You see? It's a very nice day."

The eyes blinked in the sunlight and the leaves moved again as a tiny hedgehog emerged from the pile.

The Small Bright Creature cheered. "I knew you could do it. Now, we really should start off the day's adventures. I can't tell you how many I've had already."

The hedgehog moved forward, one or two leaves sticking to the quills on its back. It looked around cautiously. A rustling could be heard off in the distance.

The Small Bright Creature continued talking.

"There's nothing to be worried about. I've met only the kindest creatures in my adventures here."

It smiled at the hedgehog. "I should tell you about the cat I met."

The hedgehog looked up, its eyes wide with horror.

"Oh, it was a very nice cat," said the Small Bright Creature. "Very, very helpful. It saved me all the trouble of walking home by carrying me."

The Small Bright Creature smiled, remembering.

The hedgehog shivered.

The rustling was getting closer.

"Are you cold?" asked the Small Bright Creature. "You should come out of the shade into the ...eeeek!"

The hedgehog curled up into a ball and one of its quills poked the Small Bright Creature.

A snake slid out from behind a bush.

"Oh," said the Small Bright Creature. "Hello again," and it waved a glossy black magpie feather.

The snake stopped, looked at the feather and slid off into the undergrowth.

The hedgehog's nose peeped out from the ball of quills it had become. The snake was nowhere to be seen.

"We met before, that snake and I," remarked the Small Bright Creature. "It's very ticklish and you have to be careful - sometimes it forgets how strong it is and hugs you too tightly."

The hedgehog looked up at the other in wonder.

"Now," said the Small Bright Creature. "Are you ready for an adventure?"


  1. How delightful! I love the Small Bright Creature! The hedgehog (he's cute as a button too) may have more common sense, though.

    What a lovely little fairy tale! Just love this story.

  2. Nice to read Small Bright Creature again; I see he is still relentlessly trying to cheer up his fellow creatures. I love his point of view.

  3. @Gracie Yes, I'm afraid most creatures have more common sense than the Small Bright Creature, but it keeps surviving.

    Glad you enjoyed the tale.

    @Joanne The Small Bright Creature will never give up - and I'm fond of its point of view also.

    Thank you for the comment.

  4. What a charming, wee tale. I'm fascinated by what this Small Bright Creature could be and love the idea of him(?) and the hedgehog heading off on adventures together.

    I've missed the SBC, can you tell?
    I do love how, sometimes, the truly naive and innocent manage to trip about through life, unharmed.

  6. SBC is so wonderfully naive and that very innocence seems to save it time and again. I've missed its adventures!

  7. @aweeadventure The SBC was the subject of five #fridayflashes, as we followed along a day with it(?). The SBC has a unique view of life - and survives it (though Lord knows how!) Thanks for stopping by.

    @mazzz, @Laura Thank you for welcoming back the SBC. Yes, innocence is its primary trait I think - and that saves it.

  8. Kevin;

    This is a great story. I've bookmarked it so I can go read the other SBC stories. Keep 'em coming!

  9. I was wary of the SBC, but it's a charming little beast. I'd like to see it and the hedgehog adventure together.

  10. So good to see the SBC again! I'm ready for adventure.

  11. @Maria Glad you enjoyed it. I enjoy this character a lot myself. The other stories are easily reachable. One of the Tags under the "What's it all about anyway" heading is "Small Bright Creature".

    That will get you to the stories - latest to earliest. Enjoy.

    @John Of all the things to be wary of, the SBC isn't one of them. Yes, I think the SBC and the hedgehog's adventures would be fun.

    @Tim Step right up, adventure may ensue.

  12. I love this little guy. So, do you have any better handle on what he looks like - last I remember you had a friend trying out some illustrations. It would make a terrific illustrated book.

    I think what really appeals to me is how he is saved by his own innocence.

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  14. Ahh! I love this. I'm more enchanted by not knowing what the SBC is exactly, it's all personality. Wonderful.

  15. Hurray! SBC has returned to enchant and delight us! Yes, more adventures, please. :)

  16. This is a very fun story - it seems the SBC might have a problem with ditziness, but he seems pretty lovable just the same ;-)

  17. @Jon Nope, still don't have a handle on what the SBC looks like - my friend in Kansas City is tearing his hair out still.

    Glad you enjoy the stories.

    @Pamila You're correct, Pamila. The SBC's personality is what's front and center. Tanks for your comment.

    @Marisa I'm on the lookout for more adventures, don't worry. It's a great pleasure that the SBC has such a following.

    @PJ Oh yes, the SBC is ditzy, in its own very special way. Glad you find it lovable too.

    As always, folks. Many, many thanks for reading and commenting.