Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time marches on, it would seem.

We received our first Christmas card today. Perhaps, were I living in the southern hemisphere, I might be able to think of Christmas in this heat. But I'm not, and today was not "Christmas-y cool". So, not today.

Our good friend, the Lady C, has no such limitations. Now I think of it, the Lady C is quite short of limitations. She was, however, shocked (shocked, I tell you!) to see Christmas cards already for sale in Dublin, Ireland.

I mean, there's Thanksgiving yet, not that they celebrate it there. But Halloween too. And they celebrate that there. It's her favorite holiday. Says it's the only day she can go out as herself, and nobody notices.

Don't ask.

None of this, of course, stopped her buying one. She included the receipt with the date circled so we would know it really was bought in September. She also ringed the price so we'd know we were worth several Euro to her. Quite what she has planned for the Crayola Gigantic Colouring Set, also on the receipt, I don't know.

Another "don't ask" moment.

Still it's nice to be thought of. And to be thought of by her, ah well...

I've based three characters on the Lady C. And it will take many more to do more than hint.


  1. Christmas cards already? Ugh...

    Lady C sounds like someone I'd like to meet. :)

  2. It's Christmas in the grocery store already. It used to be you had to go all the way into a craft store in September/October to be assaulted by Christmas before the temp dipped below 50. *sigh*
    Now? It's everywhere.
    Somehow it makes it seem so much less special.
    [If I wasn't so sleepy I'm sure I could come up with a blue ending to that thought....but...I'll just leave it sounding sad and cranky...and like I want to follow it up with "Hey, you kids...get off my lawn."

  3. I'm sorry, someone is SENDING Christimas cards. Do they not realize it is still almost 3 months until Christmas? I realized that the mail can be slow, but not THAT slow.

  4. Agreed, all. Christmas cards in September seem to me a sign of the coming End of All Things. :)

    As for the Lady C sending such a card...well, she's the kind of person who'd do it just to see if it precipitates the End of All Things.

    And laugh if it did.

    Let's hear it for Dangerous Women!