Saturday, February 12, 2011

Basso least for a while

The clouds parted brain started to work again (more or less).

The latter part of the week just ending was spent in a fog of cotton wool-filled head, sore throat and a marvelous voice that sounded like it had dropped an octave and a half. Not all bad, I suppose...

The previous week ended on a much higher note(!)

We went to New York City. My brother was having one of those "decade" birthdays and my sister-in-law thought our arrival from the West Coast, and my sisters, brother-in-law and niece arriving from Ireland, would add to the festivities.

She was right. A high old time was had by all on Friday the 4th. And well into Saturday the 5th, for that matter. And dinner with the entire family together on Saturday evening was a food and laughter-filled event.

A great time - enjoyed by all.

It was a good trip, despite almost being crushed (while still in our car) by an 18-wheeler! Not to mention the creative cab driver my sisters had the misfortune to select - he reversed down an entry ramp to a highway. This while on their way to the hotel from the airport.

I may have picked up some bug or other there because, by Wednesday, I was not feeling well at all. The past few days have been difficult - I am not known for being a good patient. This requires patience from those around me. And it is lovingly given - I am more fortunate than I deserve (thank goodness).

Today is better, but I have work, that was let slip, to catch up on. No rest for the wicked. I should never rest again so. :-)

On a completely different note, I was unaccountably saddened to read that Nokia changed direction and decided to produce phones with Microsoft's new mobile phone operating system. I know I'm a geek, but I really have to stop getting so caught up with devices.

Breathe, Kevin. Well, right now, with this cold an' all, that's a little harder than usual. Ya'know?


  1. You need whiskey.
    You need lemon.
    You need to reflect on the wonders of that kind of family trip . . . ahhh, the stuff that sits inside ye for years on end after.

    That'll deepen the throat,
    and widen the heart.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate, glad to see your words thumbtacked up on life's bulletin board again, especially after "going within" to family concerns cross country this week myself - (both grounding and uplifting, eh?)

  2. Whiskey, lemon, hot water and, maybe, a little sugar. Good for what ails you, as my Mother used to say.

    And time spent with family and friends, a cure-all if ever there was one.

    Glad to be back writing.

    I love your "grounding and uplifting" - what an excellent use of synoeciosis (I had to look up the actual term - but I knew there was a word for it!) :-}

  3. Good author'man, I'll compose a contrary or extend my paradoxi (plural) anytime you're curiously splendid enough to go on the seek for the proper linguistic term!

    How I smiled. Years ago I knew a very very pompous man who sneered at my 'neologisms'. I went and looked it up and was so very pleased to be noted for creating words when they suited the purpose (better). So I lost the pompous man, but embraced tightly the term neologism, as I now shall, synoeciosis.

    Thank*you Kevin, for this smile this night. Be healthy, write from all experiences. There's the adventure; aye, there's the soothe.

    AND ANY FOLKS READING INTO MR MACKEY'S BLOG (and mood) DO COME CHECK OUT HIS DEBUT AT THE BIJOU -- He's the Valentine's Day Headliner, Monday ~ during the FAB*FEB*FILM*FEST . . . this you must see - then feel. ~ Absolutely*Kate

  4. You be careful because the flu is going around and it's a nasty one. Try to rest as much as you can and take vitamins to boost your immunity. Get well soon.

    By the way, glad you had a lovely family gathering.


  5. Thank you, Jai. I'm a lot better now, just in time to take flight to SoCal (work not play).

    And yes, the gathering of the clan was a blast.