Monday, April 04, 2011

C is for...

...the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri.

Quite famous, and rightly so, this was still a wonderful surprise to me at first encounter. I mean, you hardly expect to find a scale reproduction of the Seville tower smack dab in the Midwest.

Yet, there it is - and beautifully rendered. All the architecture in the - outdoor shopping mall I've heard it called (by no means does that do it justice) - Country Club Plaza borrows from Spain.

Well, from Spain with elements, like these street lamps, from San Francisco, CA. It seems, no matter where you go, there you are (or, at least, a part of where you're from goes right along with you).

All of the buildings in the Plaza (as the cognoscenti call it) are outlined with colored bulbs. At Thanksgiving, each year, there's a lighting ceremony. The lights remain on through Christmas and beyond. The results are spectacular.

But, enough about the Country Culb Plaza. C is, of course, also for Cats.


  1. The cats might not be prettier, but thanks for including them!

  2. I love your beautiful cats! Great architecture too. ;)

  3. How beautiful! I had no idea this building existed in Missouri. But Missouri has some weird things like that. In, I think it's Joplin Missouri, there's a Scottish castle on the outskirts of town. Really. A Scottish castle. It was built by a Scot who was homesick for his heritage.


  4. Your photos always seem to transport me to somewhere exotic... even if it's just the Midwest :-)

  5. Wow, I definitely wouldn't have expected this sort of architecture in the Midwest. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  6. OOH the cats are the best. And they are even curled up like C's. Great job. Great pictures.

  7. kelworthfiles: Oh, the cats *are* prettier - even Kansas City-ans will back me up on that.

    Laura: Thanks. Yes, the cats are gorgeous, aren't they? And I love the architecture of the Country Club Plaza.

    Jai: True, you can find the most unexpected things in the most unexpected of places. I'll have to try find that scottish castle.

    2: Well, to an Irish lad like myself, your Midwest is exotic (to say nothing of California!)

    Jeffrey: Glad you enjoyed the photos. Kansas City, MO is twinned with Seville, Spain so some of the architecture spilled over.

    Jeanne: I hadn't noticed how they were curled until ou pointed it out. Thanks for stopping by.