Wednesday, April 13, 2011

J is for...

...never let your fellow prisoners at school (it seemed like that at the time - overdramatic, I understand) know what your middle initial stands for.

In fact, don't let them know what your middle initial is - and avoid the problem at all.


Actually, I quite like the name. It's grown on me over the years.

Quick. What song springs to mind when you hear the name 'Jude'? And there you go. Answering (or not, being the contrarian I have always been) to "Hey! J..." yelled out at random for what seemed, then, like f.o.r.e.v.e.r - sours you on the whole thing after a while.

Worse yet when some Eng. Lit. had been driven through our mightily resistant skulls and we get to "Jude The Obscure".

And, of course, the good man has been anointed the patron saint of hopeless cases and lost causes. An Irish Catholic upbringing can be a terrible thing.

Ah, boys will be boys...

We'll not mention how easily Jude can become Judy.

Though, oddly enough, I took a perverse pleasure in that. Probably best to leave that for another blog post.


  1. My name was used for rhyming to tease me. Didn't really work though as I would laugh along with them!

  2. Girls are like that too. Kids and nicknames are the bane of growing up. I'm glad you still care for your name!

  3. My middle name is Micheal, but that's not what I was teased about, do you know how many jokes can be made about "dawn"? Personally I like the name jude (every tine I hear it, I think Beatles)

  4. I like the name Jude. It has character.

  5. I go by my middle name. Of course, our first names are on every school roster, legal document, etc. so they are a lot harder to hide. Lucky for me, one more name for all the voices in my head was no problem.

  6. I admit that I did think of 'Hey Jude' and 'Jude the Obscure'. Couldn't help myself.


  7. All: so, it seems I am not alone in the nickname - and other cruelties - department. Thank you all for commenting. Always appreciated.

  8. I think it's a great name.

    I also think, no matter what your name is people will find a way to make fun of it.

    Take my name for example: See you tomorrow, Tomara. My son Gabriel is turned into Gabrielle, and my poor daughter Brynn... Bryan.