Wednesday, April 27, 2011

V is for...

...View, Vista, Vision? Well, maybe the last one doesn't apply. But the others - Very much so.

Off to the city today. It's always made me can stand in the center of San Jose and say "the city" - and everyone knows you're talking about the city at the other end of the peninsula. Such is the gravitational pull of San Francisco.

I mean, who wouldn't love a city that has such urban art (now, that would have been a good "U" day image/word) on display.

And, odd though it may seem, there is not universal approval for that sculpture.  De gustibus non est disputandum - it would seem.

The City by the Bay has its beauties, (I'm talking geographically here - though I suppose...) not least of which is the Bay Bridge itself linking the East and West sides of the bay. I regret that, today, I wasn't able to get to see the other, somewhat more iconic bridge. But I was nowhere near the Golden Gate.

Rather, I was downtown, on 5th, when passing this building housing the San Francisco Chronicle - a paper dating from 1865.

A city of traditions - some of them the "only in San Francisco" kind of traditions. But, I suspect, many cities across the world have their own kind of "only in..."

But, perhaps, none quite like San Francisco.


  1. I wasn't aware of the bow and arrow sculpture. Thanks for posting the photo.
    The bridge, cable cars and hilly streets are iconic. I haven't seen much of Frisco but strolling around the wharf while eating fresh bread is fun.
    As a California girl (San Diego) I experienced culture shock when I moved to Florida. They didn't have any sourdough bread!!!!

  2. That sculpture looks amazing, love it!
    Glad you shared these photos, you're making me want to visit San Francisco even more than I already want to :)

  3. Laura & Estrella: Glad you like the sculpture. I have to admit I love it. It has a wonderful sense of whimsy about it. I admit to being fond of sourdough myself - a bread bowl, filled with clam chowder. Tough to beat.

    San Francisco awaits, Estrella.