Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z is for...

...zis is ze end, no? Sacré bleu! Croissant! Pas de tout! (And lots of other french phrases...)

So the end of April dawned and the Z day has arrived. It seems as if I made it - with only ze slightest slip-up around "Q" (and I had all sorts of Queen-related ideas...sigh. 'Tis ever thus.)

In truth, Z-day is not for bad French pronunciations (at least not entirely). Z can also refer to Zebra Sounds - a blog artfully created by the talented, funny and fearlessly-loving person, J - Judy Clement Wall.

I was gifted by having something I wrote linked to in one of J's Friday Lists. And even more gifted by reading many of her blog entries. 

Take a look over there, and discover the sounds a zebra might make.

Thanks for staying with me across this month. I've enjoyed dropping in on others who took up this challenge - and have been very pleased that some dropped in here.

Here's to May!


  1. Yay! We made it! It was an eventful month, to say the least. I'm not cut out for daily blogging. :)
    Judy's site sounds intriguing - thanks for the link. I'll have to wait until everybody's up here before I can listen to zebras. The dogs might go berserk.

  2. Congrats on making it through, its been a WILD ride

  3. Laura: Yes! - I want a year off now, OK? Enjoy Judy's site.

    Baygirl32: Thank you, and congratulations to you for your own arrival at the end of the month/challenge. And many thanks for stopping by here at my cul-de-sac on the Web.

  4. This has been fun to follow through April, and yes, here's to May!

    You're spot on - for me at least, Z totally stands for bad French accents, but especially Zebra Sounds ;-)

  5. Here's to May! Are you happy to have a bit of a blogging break, now that April is over?

  6. I'm late, but what a post to come in on. ;-) I will peruse A-Y. *HUG*