Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Images - Masks, if you will

We each of us maintain a set of images which we preserve for "show". Those selves of ours which we display depending on a given set of circumstances.

There is a risk that such images, like wayward Adams and Eves, go their own ways - leaving us without the means of communicating with those around us.

It was with a sense of that happening, at a point in my life, that the following was penned. That goes some way to accounting for the tone of despair to be heard in the last lines.



Darkness to Light, Day from Night
And I was.
No antelope raised its head
No pendulum checked its marking of time
Perhaps a mirror cracked
Which would explain
the many reflections that are mine.

Shadows, shades
In fact just aids
To Life, to living
Images really
Like that of Friday's child
Loving, giving.

But while the images dance
Changing to meet each challenge
It can get lonely here
Here at the center of a Universe
And it empty.


  1. Actually, I'm interested in why you pulled it out now...
    It's okay if you revisit the center. You'll have company there. I just put on a pot of tea. Bring your own cup... :)

  2. Often society feels like an institution for the repression of the self. I try to keep some healthy selves tucked away...

  3. I think it's a shame that we have to hide behind masks, pretend to be what others think we should be. I have on the whole thrown away my masks now, perhaps being 60 allows one to do that, with me you now get what you see and see what you get.

    However I did love the poem, it was deep, emotional filled with such feeling. I loved these three lines: "Perhaps a mirror cracked
    Which would explain
    the many reflections that are mine." That seems to say it all to me, presenting ourselves to fit in with society and others - maybe I've misunderstood the poem (I seem to be doing a lot of that these days) but either way I loved it.


  4. @Laura - It's just good to re-visit from time to time, to remember. Thanks for the tea :-}

    @John - Don't forget to let them out to play from time to time

    @Helen - I think you "got" the poem just fine, Helen. As to pretending, it's partly that, and partly what is necessary. I have a professional "self" that's on show much of the time at work - and it's a blast when a glimpse of the "other KjM" causes those around to to...reevaluate

    Thanks all for stopping by and commenting. I suppose I should move this to the "Poetry" page, at some point.