Sunday, November 03, 2013

And it's only the 3rd day...

In a previous year, a friend of mine suggested pacing...pacing...pacing was the approach for which I should strive during NaNoWriMo.

This advice came on the heels of a flat-out sprint in the final day to cross the 50K marker. I heard, but didn't heed.

This year, although early days yet, is going better. The first two days have turned in over 1,900 words each. That's almost 300/day more than the required number to reach 50K in 30 days.

I had two characters going in—although one of them isn't set for appearance until far into the story. But he's present—serving as a goad to the main character, driving him forward.

Very soon after beginning I acquired five more characters. One of them's already dead. But I realize he's going to serve as driver for another character's motivation—not to mention open an avenue for our 'hero'.

Me? I'm just along for the ride. I'm fascinated by the early twists the story's taking and, equally so, by the storytelling foundation that's arising out of the words.

I have a general idea of where the story might go, but I'm not going to force it.


  1. As of now, you have about 3,000 more words than me. You're smokin'! I didn't write at all yesterday during the resurrection of my computer so I need to make up for lost time...or else I'll be you from last year!
    *laces up running shoes*

    1. Things do seem to be going well, don't they? I suppose you haven't gotten rid of all those square tiles on your computer's screen, have you?

      I've a laptop that runs Windows, for those gigs where I need such a thing. And it's got all those squares on the screen. *sigh* It is *so* not a good idea.

      Best of luck with your writing. By the way...I recommend roller blades rather than running shoes. You'll just g-l-i-d-e up to and through your 50,000 words! Trust me. :-D

  2. No, those stupid squares are still there but I've discovered how to view the desktop instead of the tiles so I can ignore them...other than I know they're lurking, waiting to pop out.
    I can't get rid of it asking me for a password to sign in either. :/