Monday, March 31, 2014

In advance of the A to Z Challenge

Ummm…hello? *cough*

Dusty in here.

*Ouch!*  Sorry, just stubbed my toe. It's been so long since I've been here, I'd forgotten about the stuff I leave lying all over the floor.

I stopped by to let you know I'm taking part in the madness that is the A to Z Challenge for April. Twenty-six blog posts in a month. One a day, apart from Sundays.

A good way to ease(?) myself back into blogging. There's been too much else going on in life to do the blogging I should have been doing. So, here goes.

I have to admit, I'm taking it a little easier on myself than other, more adventurous folks. I can commit to a haiku a day. Given I do that pretty much anyway…as I said, I'm taking it easy on myself.

There is the challenge that each haiku has to have some relation to the letters of the English alphabet. I'm thinking I'll get away with them starting with a different letter (in strict alphabetical sequence) each day.

So, not too difficult, but at least some effort will have to be made to pull it off.

My best to all tackling the challenge. See you in May.


  1. I'll look forward to reading these Kevin ^_^ Love your Haiku

  2. The A to Z challenge is a good way to get back to blogging, Kevin. And I love haikus. Will be dropping by from time to time to read them.
    Corinne Rodrigues proud to be #Arlee's Ambassador:AtoZ Challenge

  3. Ha! Mine are the haiku part without the haiku...and without using my own brain power either... Glad you jumped in!