Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Into Great Silence

Last year we went to see the movie "Into Great Silence", a documentary about the lives of Carthusian monks. A film quite out of the ordinary about lives lived quite out of the ordinary.

I had promised myself that, when released on DVD, I would buy this movie. It has been and I have. A two-DVD set, one the film, the other the "special features".

We enjoy the additional material available these days for so many movies. A glimpse behind the curtain at how the images we see came about. Very often these glimpses serve to underscore the "magic of the movies". How such disparate pieces can be brought together into the finished illusion seen on the screen remains incomprehensible.

The special features on the second disk of "Into Great Silence" were different to those for any other movie we have watched. Fitting, I suppose. The movie itself is different from any other we have seen.

The special feature disk had the same sense, feeling, texture that the film itself had. A different sense of time than we are used to. A different sense of what is important, what should be focused upon, where our interest should lie.

Much like the lives of the monks themselves.

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