Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unto the third generation...

I got an unexpected but very welcome piece of good news yesterday. In the course of an email exchange with my eldest daughter she mentioned that she was in contact with my niece, her cousin.

The Internet, not to mention social networking, has a valid purpose after all. As they say - who knew?

Very welcome because the generation after mine is making connections independent of their parents. There is baggage certainly, but the connections are made without parental involvement. They are old enough to be able to do this safely.

This gives me hope. There are no good reasons why these cousins should not interact with one another. Their relationship is an accident of birth it is true but it is real nonetheless. Whatever has passed between their parents and their relatives is between the individuals in question.

It is not to say that there is not fallout, not impact, not baggage. And the cousins have to make their way around and through that. But, it is begun. It will take time. But they are a whole new generation.

Perhaps not until the third after all - one can only hope.

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