Friday, November 14, 2008

The speakers speak!

We finished up the assembly and connections for the music system over the weekend and into Monday. Dick had, on Monday, the final task of strapping one of the amplifiers with cable I bought over the weekend. We don't want KjM doing anything with wires other than pointing at them to a salesperson and requesting "a foot of that and another foot of that please".

It is good to know one's limitations.

And so I receive a call in the afternoon on Monday and music pours out of my cellphone. Clear, airy, full of no intrusion by electronics, music.

The system we have attached to our television is quite good. It served its purpose while the living room was silent. Ah but...ah but...

Music pours out of these new speakers, driven by the 1,200 watts per channel amplifiers, in such a pure and clear way that - well, it's obvious, words fail me. <sigh>

It's just good to have them back. Music is very good for the soul. That makes me wonder - how would the Carthusians "Office of the Night" sound? I will need to check that out. Given the speakers ability to render the space within which the music was recorded this may be the closest I will ever get to being in the Grande Chartreuse.

On the subject of music - we spent the evening in San Francisco yesterday. Haydn's Symphony No. 60 and Beethoven's No. 6 with Samuel Barber's Knoxville: Summer of 1915 sandwiched in between.

As always, the San Francisco Symphony was a joy to hear and MTT enjoys his job far too much to be fair. And we enjoyed the fruits of his labor.

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