Thursday, November 27, 2008

A quiet Thanksgiving

I called Suzanne to remind her of her American traditions - being so far from the land of her birth can cause her to forget. But, friends such as she, a good reason to give thanks.

When I came down this morning there was music from the time of the Crusades playing. The new speakers allow the music to pour into a room. One could get absorbed in it.

Text messages ran back and forth between here and Ireland, between here and Long Island. I recall an old British Telecom commercial that exhorted the population to "say it with words". I am not sure text messaging is what they had in mind. But Thanksgiving wishes were still received and sent.

Dinner out together, a traditional turkey dinner, complete (replete?) with cranberries and followed by pumpkin pie. A little late in the year for such a harvest-time dessert but, again, it's tradition.

A pleasant evening with one another and then, for me, continue writing. I'm closing in on 45,000 words - meaning that 50,000 is well in sight.

Looking back over the day - much to be thankful for, this day and every day.

This remains my favorite holiday - a gift from the American people.

Thank you.

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