Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kansas City recap

The trip to and from Kansas City, MO involved delays. But, given the weather many other travelers had to cope with, we got off lightly. And hour and a half, or so, each way. Nothing to write home about.

Though you can write about it in a blog it seems. :-}

The weather in KC was cold, the friendship warm and the food, given the artistry of two couples with whom we ate, and some of the finest eating establishments to be found, was wonderful. All diets - start next year.

Two views of the Country Club Plaza, one at night showing the famous Plaza Lights, and the second showing a very cold figurine in a fountain. The sidewalk was treacherous underfoot that day as I recall.



A different Christmas vacation than of recent past and also different to those stretching back more than a decade for me and much longer for Dick. No trip to and from St. Louis now Rosemary is gone. And the eve of Christmas, usually spent with her whether in KC or St. Louis, different.

But she was not far from our thoughts.

And, during the celebration that marks light shining in the darkness, the thought of lux perpetua luceat ea is comforting.

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