Saturday, January 24, 2009

Around a table

Most months we get to eat with a friend of ours, Va. She was out of town, as were we, much of last month and part of this so our usual 2nd Friday had to step to the side.

So 2nd came 4th this month and, on the Friday just passed, the three of us ate in downtown, Sunnyvale. Tempura, in a small Japanese restaurant - staffed by Japanese no less. We all ate the same because it was so good and Va told us about her adventures over the Holidays. Philadelphia and Florida- very different weather.

She brought us homemade brownies!

Saturday evening, a different kind of meal. It's been a while since we were with our church group so it was time.

Always good, always sustaining.

It is the same event really. The gathering around table. The sharing of a meal. The giving of thanks. In greek - eucharein. Eucharist.

Friendship is a sacred thing.

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