Saturday, February 21, 2009

An average of two a month. Ah well, it's early yet.

I've chalked (etched? - that's how it feels) up four rejections so far this year. 'Tis the way of things, or so I'm told. We are talking, by the way, of rejections of my writing. That's all.

Ah, but it feels like so much more.

I recall an email from my father where he talked (wrote) about rejection and his attitude to it. It was very painful, he wrote, to see what you had come to regard as your children being rejected - as, and he understood this, is the norm for any writer.

His solution was to stop submitting. Instantly, no more pain.

Of course, he did have a decade of publishing columns in a couple of publications and was asked to contribute to another. As he put it, it was nice to be wanted.

And he still wrote, and wanted to write more. He had hopes of writing something of significance. Then time ran out.

I am no friend of pain. And rejection? I have grave difficulty with it. It is very hard (a euphemism for impossible) not to take it personally. At least, for me it is. But I have no wish to run out of time.

And so I write. And will continue to submit. And will continue, for 'tis the way of things, to receive rejections of my writings.

Thank goodness I like the writing part, the storytelling part. And thank goodness I am obstinate.


  1. I did not realize you have writing in your blood. I know, rejection is rough. I'm shooting about the same percentage as you. But like you, I'll keep on submitting. I've read your stuff. You write so well, I'm sure you will get that grand acceptance sooner or later. Sooner, would be nice though.

  2. "Sooner, would be nice" Ain't that the truth ~jon.
    In my blood? Yes. Cut me, I'll bleed ink. :-}
    I have written poetry - my father was a poet. And therein lies a very big difference.
    Isn't life a continual search for acceptance? This is just a rather specific type.
    - KjM