Thursday, March 12, 2009

Raw silk and gadgets

This happens everywhere I work. It must be something to do with the places I go, no?

Because of a space reorganization where I work I have moved to a different location. Gone, I'm afraid, is my view of the Santa Cruz mountains. I had the best seat in the house.

And this for a mere contractor.

A number of people have stopped by my new digs with the complaint: "How will I know all the new gadgets that are out there now you've moved?"

Gadget king it would seem.

Something to do with the iPhone ("I knew you'd have a power adapter, you have everything!"), the MacBook Air ("Do you just by everything Apple makes, no matter what the cost?"), the e-Book readers ("Of course you have a Kindle, but a Sony too?), now the MacBook ("Have you seen the new 17" one? Are you going to get one?") that have been seen in my possession over the year.

No one seems to take quite as much notice of the, seriously non-High Tech, fountain pens I usually have with me. Well, not High Tech, apart from the Namiki Pilot Vanishing Point.

It's always been thus, and I cannot really blame them. I'm a gadget nut, always have been, likely to always be.

And the raw silk? Well, it was cold that day and a short sleeved shirt wasn't going to cut it. And I have this gorgeous raw silk shirt that just needed an outing. And I do love silk.

Someone took a look at me and said "Raw silk and gadgets." I suspect she summed me up quite well.


  1. So, when you get your new Kindle II can I have your old one? ;) Or is your Kindle already a II?
    I used to think the iPhone was a bunch of hooey, but with all the new apps coming out for it I am seriously thinking about getting one. This from a guy who still has not figured out how to set up messages yet.

  2. Hi ~jon, my Kindle is still a I. From what I have heard, Amazon took the oddest step of not making the ink on the Kindle II as dark as that on the previous version. And not as dark as they could have. There is uproar in various forums (fora?) about this. It will take a small firmware update to fix - even the Kindle I had a firmware upgrade during its life.
    The iPhone is not a bad phone, is a good video iPod, is a great Internet device and an extraordinary application platform.
    But the fact that is is not a bad phone may drive me back to great phones from Nokia.