Thursday, April 02, 2009

Davy's on the road again...

Not so much "...wearin' different clothes again..."

And my name's not Davy. And it was only a one-day trip. But you get the idea.

A quick trip for work to SoCal yesterday. Man was I tired by the time I got home again. At least the flight is only about an hour, from San Jose. Happily my car knew the way to San Jose, the airport anyway, so I got there without any difficulty.

Time enough to get through security and grab a bagel and cream cheese - and put up with the posturing of a clutch of corporate cronies plotting the latest takeover of their tiny corner of the Universe. Sound catty? Sorry - but it was very, very early in the morning and I hadn't finished eating.

The day went well, meet-and-greet a lot, connect faces to email signatures and conference call voices. Play nice.

SoCal weather is very nice. Balmy, with the palm trees looking like they really belonged. As opposed to the unfortunate specimens struggling to stay alive along San Carlos in San Jose. (They look even worse with weird bluish streetlights illuminating them.)

On leaving the airport at 8-something in the evening, I plugged my phone (in its iPod mode) back into the car. The Carthusian Office of the Night poured out. I'd forgotten I had been listening to that playlist. The good monks stayed with me all the way home along 101. Soothing.

Tired today. It seem the glamor of business travel has worn off for me. Truth to tell, that happened a long time ago on a continent far away.


  1. Checking out The Carthusian Office of the Night on Amazon right now. I don't have any Gregorian chants. Might just get this.

  2. Hi Jon,
    The Charthusian Office of the Night was recorded on-site at the Grande Chartreuse over a couple of nights. As such it lacks the production quality of some of the "Chant" CDs (you get to hear the shufflings that might go on at 2:00AM) plus there are also the readings (in French) interspersed between the Gregorian Chant.
    But, if you have seen the movie "Into Great Silence", the CD set is something of a draw.
    You might also consider Chantecleer's Mysteria album - all Gregorian Chant. Quite gorgeous.

  3. I listed to the samples on Amazon and heard the shuffling. I did not find that bothersome. I enjoy all sorts of music (still threatening the wife with Mongolian folk music - her tastes and mine don't always, er... match up). I'll check the other out at Amazon too. With iTunes I can check off the spoken French tracks. Did that with some music I bought when in France.

  4. Listened. Listened! Not listed! Arrrrhg!

  5. Re: checking off the spoken tracks - well, as it turns out the readings are sung (in a light plainchant) so very little is spoken.
    So, enjoy.