Saturday, May 23, 2009

Easy day

Good friends, all along the peninsula.

A friend-filled day today. Monica in the morning, or early afternoon. So, given she is a hairdresser, we both look our best. (Don't worry, it won't last).

We came back from the South Bay in the afternoon. We ate lunch down there, while our car was getting a much-needed wash. Lunch was at the Aroma cafe - the first place Dick and I almost met (a story for another time).

Then to Pacifica, on the Pacific(!) Ocean. Friends going back to the days of Harmony Software in San Mateo, or earlier yet to Syntex Pharmaceuticals just across from Xerox PARC, or even earlier yet to Apple Computers (as they were then) in Cupertino.

Not a quiet time. Rather more riotous than that, given the energy of the people involved. Great food, even if I took abuse for my aversion to olives. I suppose it wouldn't have happened if I had not loudly proclaimed said aversion. Ah but, as they say where I hail from, where'd be the fun in that?

Good people, good friends and quite an international grouping - and I learned that the Tagalog word for table is lamesa (which, in Spanish, would be la mesa - the table). It never harms to learn.

And, happy birthday Brendan

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