Thursday, September 17, 2009

She had a very good run

My friend, the Lady C, had some bad news for me. The Lady C is a breeder of Papallion dogs - show dogs, no less.

Someone, however, when she started in the business, forgot to mention a breeder is supposed to sell her children.

Not something the Lady C could countenance. And so it was that she could, and did, refer to helself as a "mother of forty". But she couldn't bring helself to sell them.

Vanda was her first. A show dog if ever there was one. Bright, intelligent, beautiful. And 17 years old when she finally died. A good age for a dog that size.

I was there when Vanda first came to her. A beauty, and she seemed to know it.

She was loved, and she returned it.

You will be missed, Vanda Heartgatherer.


  1. I'd say Vanda lived a very long and very happy life, something I wish every pet had more of.

  2. I had to go look up Papallions. Cute little devils. It is always sad to lose a cherished pet. My sympathies to your friend.
    P.S. Hope you manage a flash. Always look forward to your stories.

  3. Thanks to you both. Yes, papillions are very cute - and Vanda was one of the cutest.
    And yes, my #fridayflash is up. A busy day, but the story's been running around my head for a while. Glad you've liked what I've done so far, Jon. This idea of yours has legs. Well done.