Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Eve of All Hallows

in the twilight of the year
            when all is night;
venture forth all those
          who flee the light

to dance, to prance and merry-make
o'er all the world 'fore dawn should break
to win, to woo, to fright, to thrall
and mysteries hid reveal to all

to scale the furthest, safest tower
and steal within most virtuous bower
the wary, cautious, shy to tempt
and rusting, dusting sleep prevent

and tear away from righteous "Nay"
and whisper soft, "come on, let's play!"


  1. Spooky and well said - just what I'd expect from you. ;-)

    And did you play?

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Laura. And... - playing is good. :-}

  3. Love the old-fashioned feel of this poem. EAP-esque. Perfect for the holy day. Peace, Linda

  4. I am honored, although I'm not at all certain that the good Mr. Poe would be.

    Thanks Linda, glad you enjoyed it. As for old-fashioned, I have been called that more than once in my life (even as a compliment).

  5. I like your poem, Kevin. Captures the free wheeling, whimsical nature of the holiday.

  6. Thanks Jon - I like the playful aspect of the holiday, and tried to capture it

  7. Enjoyable tale, can't help but wonder how long the bright creature is likely to stay away from the cat.