Sunday, December 20, 2009

Then the ambulance wouldn't start...

Last Sunday didn't start well. No day that involves the house being awake before 4:00AM can claim to be starting well.

Hints, more than hints if we bypass the denial, of pneumonia symptoms. No, not starting well at all. So, some self-assembly required, and actioned, and off with ourselves to the emergency room.

A busy night it seemed. One doctor and two harried nurses/assistants. An x-ray taken, and blood (pin cushion anyone?) while various and sundry other indignities are visited upon the patient. All this - and draughty paper clothing being the only thing between self, the elements, and any remaining shreds of modesty.

Pneumonia was confirmed and, while not as bad as some years before, a hospital stay mandated. Poked, punctured, two (count 'em - two!) drips installed and we wait for the transfer.

I can no longer focus and spend the time looking around at the technology. This, to my eye at least, is a valuable use for computers - except, please shut off that infernal alarm.

The transfer crew arrive - weighed down with paperwork and even more technology. The transfer to the gurney is effected and to the waiting "rig". The crew take their seats, doors close with reassuring solid thuds.

And then the ambulance won't start...

Some days just don't begin well...


  1. All's well that ends well?
    The ambulance would have been the last straw for me. :)
    Hopefully, things have returned to normalcy by now.

  2. All's well that ends well - or A Winter's Tale :)

    Things are much better now, yes. Back to something like normalcy. As my sister says, "Excitement's overrated".

  3. Happy all is back to routine.

    Have yourself a quiet merry christmas, and plenty o' peace. Linda

  4. Thank you, Linda. All is well again and much joy and love to be has in Kansas City these days.

    Peace to you and yours.