Saturday, June 19, 2010

Perhaps a mirror cracked...

On occasions, more frequently than I might care to admit, I feel like my writing isn't going nearly as well as I would like. Or I don't have the time to devote to it I'd wish. Or that I have to work, because writing alone won't sustain me financially.

Or simply that I have to work (Monday mornings are particularly bad for that).

On such occasions, the sculpture of the Weeping Buddha helps, or at least serves as a focal point for the feeling. I used to have it on my desk at work (now it sits near my writing computer) and, on being asked about it, would say, "Somedays, it's just like that."

Everyone seemed to understand.

And yet, and yet...

When I do feel like that, back at my home office where I also do my writing, I have two other sculptures that provide a different perspective. These remind me that anything, no matter how crazy it might seem to the outside world, is possible.

And so I continue to write, safe in the knowledge that all I have to be is awake to hear the story, and that it's OK to be quite crazy at times.

The title of this entry is from a poem I wrote much time ago.

The cracked mirror explained the many images that seem to make up my life - some even externalized like those above.

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  1. I think we all have a cracked mirror...I know I certainly do and it's okay. I'm fine with it.

    Just. Keep. Writing.

  2. Yes, Kevin, I'm with Laura - if our mirrors weren't cracked I doubt any of us could write worth a hoot.

    We all have our times when we wonder why in the world we feel so compelled to tell these stories. And I'd be quite surprised to learn those of us who are Really Crazy don't have some sort of object for inspiration, or simply for a pick me up. I certainly have a few of my own.

    Oh, and "real work" for me is busiest on Monday mornings too. By the way, I'm missing SBC - maybe you could do another series with him? :)

  3. I tend to agree with both of you. Some form of a cracked mirror is likely to be part and parcel of this creative life.

    As to the Small Bright Creature, Deanna, I have yet to come up with more than the day we spent with it (although the very first story I wrote starring the SBC involved a bear awakened a little early from hibernation...things went less well for the SBC in that version).

    Thanks for stopping by, you two, and for the supportive comments.

  4. Just remember you are not tilting at windmills, Kevin. Yours is not an impossible dream. You write well, and constantly strive to improve. I always enjoy your stories. Keep 'em coming.

  5. Thanks Jon. I agree, the dream is not impossible, but I am tilting at windmills. And what a glorious, mad endeavor it is too! I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Many thanks for your kind words about my stories.