Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And the award goes to...

...well, me as it turns out. Most surprising.

Some time ago, longer than I should have let it go without acknowledgment, Gracie Motley (who proclaims herself no Cerridwen - but who's to say?) of Crone's Cauldron Publications signaled out my blog for not one, but two awards. Perhaps I can attribute the delay in writing about this to shock - rather than my persistent procrastination problem.

The awards: The Versatile Blogger and One Lovely Blog.

These awards come from someone who writes fantasy like few others and is currently writing a serialized story that you must go (right now) and read. It may be found at: Fire and Water

You can come back when you're done. Should you have come back (or not have left because you, no more than I, do not take instruction well) I will continue and mention that these awards come with rules. The first one I can do, and happily, which is to thank, and link back to, the person who gave the awards.

The other rules, ah well, here we run up against my not taking instruction very well.

I will content myself, and hopefully appease the universe, with being very, very pleased with Gracie's graceful thinking of my blog.

And some days it's a feast...

I participate in the #fridayflash meme - more Fridays than not, I write a flash fiction story and publish it on my blog. The idea is Jon Strother's of Mad Utopia- and he has witnessed it flower into a force of its own. Recently it has attracted over 80 stories each Friday, from all around the world.

Jon has now created the Fabulous Flash Award. And Laura Eno, herself a flash fiction writer extraordinaire who publishes her #fridayflash at A Shift in Dimensions, saw fit to give me this award.

I am glad Laura had already received the award from another, for she should be so recognized.
The writers to whom I would pass this award on have already received it from others. And rightly so.

In all, a very pleasing July it has turned out to be, full of generous people.

Were I humble, I would stand humbled. But no one would believe me - and, worse, they would be correct.

May I simply say a heartfelt thanks.


  1. Not taking instruction or following the rules are two of the many reasons why I love you, Kevin.
    You and your writing are certainly worthy of all these awards. Congrats to you! Thank you for the kind words about me as well.

  2. Laura, many thanks for your comment, your kind words and for the award.

    I return congratulations to you for your well-deserved award.

  3. Congrats Kevin on your many, many awards -- all well-deserved! I adore you and your writing; I think of you as one of the kindest, gentlest souls in our community. Thank you. peace...

  4. Congratulations, Kevin. You are most deserving of all three awards. And right on both counts, regarding Gracie and Laura - two very special people indeed. It's folks like you that make #fridayflash such a joy.

  5. Thanks for the congrats, Jon. And we have you to thank for the whole #fridayflash phenomenon.

    Well done, Sir.