Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sorry - the "Guest" account is disabled...

"I can help the next guest..."

Pardon? Is this a fast food restaurant providing prepackaged pablum in lieu of real food and "now serving guest #42"?

Or perhaps you're going to turn down the bed linens and leave one of those little chocolates on the pillow?

No, you're a bank. And I, I believe, am a customer here to transact business. I am also fairly certain that Miss Manners would look askance at "guests" being left standing in a roped off area, like unwelcome paparazzi at a red carpet affair.

Guest? I do understand you provide coffee on occasion and candy at Hallowe'en and have brightly colored balloons on display at other occasions. But, you remain a place of business dealing with customers who pay for the privilege of you locking up their money.


I know. I'm being pedantic. But, as I explained to someone at work recently, it's part of my charm.


  1. How bizarre... Maybe that person's last job was desk clerk at a hotel.
    Pedantic is charming - I have the same affliction, er, tendency. My husband complains that I'm too literal, but I say one must be precise in order to be understood.

  2. At a bank, I think I'd rather hear, Can I help the next person in line, than hear, "I can help the next guest."

    Love the word "pedantic." You just don't hear that anymore.