Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rhythms and life stages - and crashing cymbals

Friday started hectic - as the haiku of the day suggested:

Friday dawns hectic
Already feeling behind
Breathe - in, out; repeat

It remained busy as the day progressed, and took a spectacularly good turn as the work day ended and the evening began. Off to the San Francisco Symphony were we, with a great Italian meal to be had before it. The music program was one of contrasts - two highly percussive pieces (by Mexican composer Revueltas and French composer Varèse) with a bassoon and string orchestra work by Brazilian composer Villa-Lobos sandwiched between.

That latter work was one of great beauty. The orchestra returned after the intermission for a performance of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony. Even today, that work is running round my head. The conductor and Musical Director is Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT). We are very fortunate to have a musician of his caliber leading the Symphony. Just glorious.

Speaking of which, last Saturday we had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Dick's goddaughter in Kansas City, MO. Glorious again. The bride, Brie, was beautiful, as brides are. The groom, Josh, handsome as can only be the case on such days. But she has been beautiful, and he handsome, on any day I've ever seen them. Weddings are good for the heart, for the soul.

My very best wishes to both of them in this new stage of their lives together.


  1. I can't remember the last time I went to a wedding...or a symphony, for that matter. I'll have to get out more. :) It sounds like you had a chance to enrich your soul.

  2. Aww, my best wishes to the happy couple too!

    Your description of the classical concert made me sigh. I haven't been to one in so long my musical muscles have atrophe.


  3. @Laura - I highly recommend weddings, or symphonies, for soul enrichment. Symphonies may be easier to come by than weddings, but who knows?

    @Jai - Where would we be without music, or love expressed in the sight and company of family and friends?

    Thanks to you both for stopping by and commenting.