Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In life's business...time to pause

This next week's going to be busy. It just is. 'Tis the season, I suppose.

No present buying frenzy, at least we're spared that. We don't lug presents onto the plane to Kansas City. Just not the way we roll. And our friends there, they seem to regard our company as gift enough. We certainly regard their friendship, company and really excellent cooking as heartfelt gifts in our lives.

Work will be busy. End of year stuff, the usual. All the things that needed to be done over the last while need finishing. And, oh by the way, could you get these one, or two, other things done? You know, really important for end-of-quarter, end-of-year, roll-up kinda "stuff".

It pays the bills, so I can hardly say "No" too loudly, or at least too often.

There's also writing to be done, to be finished, to be submitted. Even I like to end the year by clearing out the backlog - or getting done the things I really should have done already.

Time to take a pause. To breathe. To remember this time last year, and all that has gone on through the year, to now.

We are here. We are well. We got to see those we love this year, scattered afar though we may be.

Time to take a beat. Nothing will be lost by it. If the wheels haven't come off by now...taking a beat will not change that.

And breathe, Kevin.


  1. Yes, and breathe. That's something I forget to do. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. December is such an odd month. Like yuo say, there is the tying things up, there is the rememebering of everything you meant to get done this year but didn't and maybe you can "squeeze it in now". There is the knowlegde that its time to like you say, "Time to take a beat". Ha. Your wheels will keep rolling probably long after mine (I tend to get flats).

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I get so frustrated living here, especially when I try to do the things that everyone else enjoys and it just ends up in somekind of frustrating mess. And I loved your Seattle story. <3

    Have a wonderful holiday with your family, Kevin. Let me know when you have stories up. I remember a story of yours I critiqued at Editor's Unleashed, about an artist model. It was phenomenal.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. @Laura - Breathing is good. Happy to supply the reminder.

    @Jodi - Good to see (read) you! Yeah. Remembering everything I thought I would get done by now this year - is the kind of thing that can drive me into a funk (not quite the "jolly" expected of one this season). But, a few times this year I did my best, and it showed. That'll do for me.

    I enjoyed your writing of your frustration - though not the frustration.

    Thank you for your "phenomenal" for that story - I have't found a home for Roberta as yet, but I am still trying. I think it's one of my best.

    Right below this blog entry is the latest in my Goldberg Variations #fridayflash series (though "series" is quite the term, rather variations on a theme by KjM).

    And I had a science fiction story published at! at

    Happy Holidays to you and yours, Jodi.

  4. Glad you stopped to remind yourself of a few important things. I haven't stopped yet but I will in a few days.

    Have a great holiday and you're absolutely right. There's no greater gift then to be with the people you hold dear, alive and well and happy together.


  5. @Jai - yes, please do pause for a beat, when you can (just don't forget to).

    I hope you also have a terrific holiday. Be good to yourself. My best to you and yours.

  6. Good advice. I think the holidays are rough and there's so many unrealistic expectations associated with them. It's important to just stop and enjoy now and then. Puts things in perspective.

  7. Have a great trip to KC, Kevin, and come back refreshed and renewed. And congrats on the short story.

  8. @G.P. Ching @Jon - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Best wishes to you for the Holidays.

  9. The end of the year is always hectic; isn't it? Father Time's way of reminding us to do all those little things we let slip through the cracks. Hope you have a safe trip and a great holiday. :)

  10. Thanks for reminding me, sometimes even a simple thing like breathing seems to get forgotten among life's hectic ways and demands.
    Hope you have a great week and manage to do everything that needs to get done by the end of the year! :)

  11. Always great to pause and reflect. It's still going to be here when you return. There is nothing to miss. Have a great week and a great year. And thanks for taking the time from your pause to read my work.

  12. @ganymeder, @John, @estrella, @julio many, many thanks for your good wishes - I wish the same for you. Today was way too rushed - but I got a photo and a haiku out of it, so not bad after all.