Thursday, January 20, 2011

On reading Irish short stories...

Hearing the sound
Of words
     As I read them

The morning
Fades away
     To deep silence

Home - is not a place
It is an echo
     You hear in your heart


  1. Some of the great Irish short story writers definitely have that welcoming earthyness, even with tales and subjects of extreme discomfort and disquiet.

  2. That's a beautiful sentiment, Kevin. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing. You brought a peaceful moment to me.

  3. @John - Thank you for your comment. Really good short stories, and not just Irish, draw the reader in, no matter the subject matter.

    @Laura - Glad to provide a moment of peace. Very glad to be able to pass it on, for that's how I experienced it myself.

  4. How I love that last paragraph! And the whole poem for that matter, such a peaceful and heart filling sentiment about Irish short stories :)
    Thank you!

  5. Estrella, I suspect anyone reading stories from their own homeland might have a similar experience. There is something there that calls us home - wherever we are.

    Glad the poem spoke to you. Thank you for the comment, always appreciated.

  6. I'm a great fan of Irish literature and culture. There is a poetry that is inherent to it. Your words do justice to your Irish roots.


  7. @Jai - thank you for your kind words, Jai.

  8. This is just lovely Kevin. The last stanza is wonderful. More please.

  9. Aye Laddie, you've said in volume in your musings to honour the spell of the spiel cast over mind*spirit*heart*soul . . . in "hearing" the words sounds and expressiveness . . . in appreciation of the pure beauty of a morn gone to silence . . . YOU find yourself the more in the paradoxical losing yourself to the moment.

    In this case the Celtic lilt and perhaps lore or more ~ to call that *home*, how fortunate be thee, IrishMan, said Slovak girl, smiling ... for you have created Mood in your reverence here.

    ~ Absolutely*Katrina