Friday, April 15, 2011

L is for...


You are ever near
     My Love
I see you
     Almost there -
You have just left
     Every room
          As I enter
The sound of your voice
     Is just -
          Out of range.

I feel your Presence
     And turn
          To talk with you
And you are
     gone -
          Just this moment -

Ah my Love!
     Why are you so close?
          When you are so far -

This love, when we parted
     'Twas said
          would change.
And change it has
     For it has gone
               gone -

Gone into the marrow of my bones
And the depths of my heart.


  1. I love your line breaks and how you use distance to emphasize the meaning of the words. Such a lonely poem, it made me sad for you.

  2. Wow, Kevin, you've left me speechless yet again with your amazing poetry! (good thing I have to type my comment, huh?)
    Love this poem, and I could feel that loneliness, the sadness of that moment, that change, that someone being gone.

  3. This is beautiful, Kevin! It's sad, the finality weights the words, and there's a hope lingering against all odds. Simply awesome.

  4. Angela: Thank you for your kind thoughts on my poem - given your abilities in this area, I am very pleased you like it. Yes, the "shape" of the poem is as much a part of it as the words.

    Estrella: Agreed! Glad you're typing. :D And very glad you like the poem.

    Laura: Sad? Yes, I'm afraid my Celtic Melancholy is front and center in this one. Even worse, I've just spotted a word I might change. *Sheesh* - it's never, ever, done, is it?

  5. wOW... That's really gone and in such a beautiful way. So bittersweet.
    Wanna buy a duck

  6. Manzanita: Glad it packs such a punch. Thanks for stopping by.

    ~2: "Ouch", indeed. Ain't love grand? :-)