Tuesday, April 26, 2011

U is for...


OK, yes, I'm cheating. Though not really. Or at least it's nothing I haven't already done during this month's challenge. I've used words in Greek and French. Why not Gaelic?

And so, uisce - water.

As the old song goes, "Thank God we're surrounded by water." 'Tis but a small island and easily surrounded by water, all the same. So I suppose it's no surprise that I find myself living by San Francisco bay. There is something about all that water.

While it is true my father's first love was mountains, even he penned a poem for the sea once. And both a grandfather and an uncle of mine made their living on the water.

Uisce is pronounced "ish-keh". If that sound puts you in mind of "whiskey", it should. It's the first of the words translated as "water of life".

And so, slánte - hic!

...wondering now...could I use "water" for the "W" day? :)


  1. It will be a strange move for you, not to have an ocean nearby.
    No, you can't use water for W. ;) hic!

  2. Laura: Spoilsport :)

    But I suppose it would be cheating.