Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for...

...Water! Oh, no I'm not allowed to do that - Laura said no. So, W is for...whatever.

Wait. That's right. W is for whatever. A blog, named "Whatever." Honest. You should believe me. It's here: Whatever

This blog is written by O-Kami - Julie. Many of her entries are about fountain pens - a shared joy, though Julie is far more knowledgable than I.

She also, as can be seen in the post linked above, has far better handwriting than I. And she can draw, as some of her other entries show. Plus she can write. Tiresome, no? :)

There are some really talented folks hereabouts on these internetz.

So, anyway. Whatever. A wonderful blog by a very talented individual.


  1. Julie is great, isn't she? Her story behind the name "Whatever" is funny, too.
    Jezebel was waiting to see if you were going to use "Water." She'll be disappointed. (She likes trouble, you know)

  2. Cool, I'm in to fountain pens.


  3. Laura: Yes, indeed. Julie is really great. I'm glad to have avoided falling into Jezebel's trap - and attracting her attention.

    Julie: Happy to point to your blog - and it worked well for my "W" day.

    Jai: Another fountain pen lover? Careful - they are quite addictive.