Saturday, April 30, 2011

Y is for...


A Finnish atmospheric doom metal band. A what? Performers of "melancholy music" from the mid-nineties to late in the last decade - how could I not be intrigued? Their first album as Yearning was "With Tragedies Adorned."

Sounds like my kind of band.

There must be something about those cold Northern lands (and Ireland qualifies - it's up there about middle Canada.) Something to do with long, cold and dark Winter nights. Nights when all manner of mysterious beings have time and opportunity to roam about, and burrow deep into the thoughts and tales of those dwelling there.

"...and all their songs are sad" as Chesterton wrote.

Ah yes, but a delicious sadness all the same. And a soul-deep yearning that calls to all of us.

And, were we honest, we'd acknowledge that the call reaches us.

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  1. I understand that soul-deep yearning as well. Must be why I live so close to the equator. :) The long summer nights would inspire the lightness in me, but the winter...let's just say I don't need any help in invoking my darkness.