Thursday, May 26, 2011

As I was walking down...

There is an advantage to not visiting the City each day - you get the chance to see it with fresh eyes every time. A different perspective to those who live there - or who journey there every day.

Even mundane annoyances like Muni breaking down before reaching my station at the Embarcadero become, on a rare visit to the City, a pleasure. The air was clear, the sky cloudless, the early morning sun holding the promise of warmth.

Palm trees lined the street and curved away along the Embarcadero as I walked, looking around tourist-like, towards Market Street. The Bay Bridge, the sun behind it washing out all details, stood gray against the blue of sky and water, arcing over the Bay from San Francisco to Yerba Buena island. The eastern span was lost in the light to my dazzled Irish eyes.

Joggers loped by the waterside, off to my right towards Fisherman's Wharf, perhaps as far as the Marina. I wished them well on their way in the cool of the early morning.

Around me the city was awake, tides of people flowing along its arteries, each to his or her place. I let the tide wash over me. There was time. A day-long conference, breakfast would be provided.

I have often said that I like the fact that I've never really lived within a city. I've always lived with one nearby, within reach. Dublin, Geneva, London, San Francisco. Paris was three hours away by train and, while I dearly love that city, that was too far to call "nearby".

San Francisco, on such a day as dawned yesterday, made me wonder what it would be like to wake up within such a city.

For this reason, Kansas City represents something new. There, we will be within the city itself. I look forward to a change in viewpoint.
In other news, yesterday turned out to be the birthday of two new first cousins (once removed) of mine. So, greetings Zoe and Emily. Glad you made it safely.

And welcome.


  1. That's such a great description of the city in the morning. Love this (but where are the photos?) *big sad puppy eyes* ;-)

  2. A much more pleasant point of view than my last sojourn into a major city. They gnaw at me. Maybe I'm not familiar enough with them - see them too infrequently.

  3. @Estrella - Sorry about the lack of photos...your sad puppy eyes almost make me fee guilty :D

    @John - San Francisco won't gnaw at you, not unless you ask it to...perhaps. But it certainly can bite deep, that's for sure.