Sunday, June 05, 2011

Haiku - Through a Lens

As mentioned in my previous post, "Haiku - Through a Lens" is a collection of some sixty-odd ("don't say it, Kevin, just don't...") haiku teamed with photographs I've taken while out and about.

To celebrate its publication, I'm offering some (seventeen - but of course) copies to commenters on this blog.

After some time futzing with settings, the book is now available for purchase(!) at Amazon: Haiku - Through a Lens for reading on Kindle and various app formats of same. A version in ePub is available from Barnes & Noble for reading on their Nook - it can be purchased here.

Given there are many color photographs in the book, viewing on the Kindle hardware itself, or the original Nook will take some of the impact away. I have checked the book out using the Kindle app on a laptop, an iPad and and iPod Touch. Other than needing to shrink the font size on the iPod Touch to avoid wrapping of the text, it reads very well.

It also previews nicely on the software version of the color Nook and on the Nook app for the iPad.

I tried to use Smashwords for conversion to additional formats and ran up against a size limitation. Haiku - Through a Lens is just short of 5.5MB in its Word Doc format. This, even after taking the Smashwords suggestion of getting Word to compress the images (things were worse before that step.) The current size is above the 5MB limit for Smashwords' Meatgrinder conversion tool.

Short of taking some of the photographs out (my own first thought, but swiftly rejected), any thoughts on what I might do?

So, what about these seventeen copies? The first seventeen haiku comments on this blog entry will gain their authors a copy of the book. I have versions suitable for Kindle and Kindle app, Nook and also PDF. Let me know what format suits you best.

Here's an example of the book's contents:

I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Haiku Collection?
    Oh, you will be mine, oh yes
    I'll comment Haiku :-)

  2. A different take on haiku collection, I loved this idea and congrats on getting this out and about (so soon?) :)
    You seem to be like I am about ideas, when I have one, I'd love it if it (whatever 'it' is) were done possibly yesterday ;)

  3. @Julie - Ah, but Julie, I need your request in haiku :D

    @Estrella - I found that some of the photos I'd taken lent themselves to haiku. And thought that others might enjoy them collected together.

  4. Hmmm... you're making one work for their copy! (Didn't expect less.)
    Just had to go wash my face with ice cold water to wake up and think haiku - so I'm back now, let's give this a go, though haikus are quite the challenge for me ;)

    "Through a lens I glance
    At the beauty around me -
    Capturing stillness"

  5. That's the best compliment, especially coming from you, Kevin!
    Thank you so much :)

  6. Might try compressing
    Photos prior to the Word
    Drop resolution?

    I'm kind of a bit of a graphics dummy and lowering the resolution would potentially make your images less pretty.. Hmm.
    Damn technology. (Which is also a good last line for a haiku)

  7. @J.W. - excellent! :D send me an email and let me know your preference for format

    Agreed - "Damn technology" is true and a good final line :-)

  8. Stunning! I bought my Kindle copy (so I don't have to parade my dismal Haiku). Have you considered using Createspace to put it in paperback form? They have an option for color pages and their ISBN is free. I'd buy one, or three. :)

  9. @Laura - many, many thanks for the purchase - you shouldn't worry about your haiku. Now you've been through my book, you'll have read some haiku that are not going to set the world on fire :)

  10. Very nice, Kevin. Having followed you for over two years now I think I can safely say this:

    Beauty wrought in words
    Images to mind's eye brought
    Reflects a man's soul

    The sample is stunning, and I'm sure the collection will be well worth having. I'll be on that Nook version like a bluejay on a June bug. (Yum!)

  11. Jon, many thanks for the Haiku.

    The Nook version is on its way to the email you used for the Friday Flash Volume 1 proofs. Let me know how it looks on a physical color Nook - I've only seen the software emulated versions.


  12. Smashwords seems to give a lot of indy writers grief. That size issue seems downright sad. Good luck with the rest of the book launch, K!

  13. @John - I was saddened running up against the size issue. I understand, I suppose, that there must be limits. But not on me, OK? :-} Thanks for your good wishes.

  14. Thanks to @estrella05azul's lovely haiku post, I've discovered a pocket of life's joy: images with thoughtful prose - all amazingly wonderful!

    Life's moments captured
    A treasure trove imagined
    Oh, beauty divine!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely images and haiku - and now another inspiring blog to follow...

  15. @tabras - Thank you for your thoughtful words and lovely haiku. Please, let me know the format you wish, Kindle, eBup (Nook) or PDF and I'll be happy to send you a copy.

  16. @KjM - PDF is always good... But thank you for sharing - it is inspiring and you've got me thinking in haiku... It's been a while... Thank you!!!