Thursday, October 13, 2011

Computers - can't live with them...

So there I was, late in the evening and I deciding now was a good time to update my MacBook to Lion.

I should have known.

The download went well, if slowly. But it was finally done and so I hit "Go".

What was my first clue? I think the "Your disk is corrupt" was the start of it all.

"Physician, heal thyself" or rather "Disk Utility - Repair my disk". Would that it were that simple.

For starters, the installer was booting off the disk to be repaired. All that was possible was a verify that failed to complete. The "Repair Disk" button - a stubborn gray.

Insert standalone installation disk - attempt a repair. No go (or dice for that matter). The disk cannot be repaired.

Instead I get a helpful message about backing up, erasing the disk and then restoring.

Only one small difficulty - the disk is corrupt (you said that) and cannot be backed up.

Erased, yes. Backed up - "I'm sorry, Dave, I just can't do that."

So, erase, reinstall the previous operating system version (Snow Leopard) and pray to whatever deities are in charge of late night computer repair.

As my dad said, "Ain't technology grand?"


  1. Ha ha Kevin - my friend had problems with installing Lion to0 - me I'm not putting it on my Mac Book - I'm techonologically challenged, I'll stay as I am thanks. ^_^

  2. *shudder* My last 'hard drive is corrupted' message resulted in having to buy a new computer. I love how the fix and help features all depend on using said corrupted hard drive. Hope your repairs go smoothly!

  3. @Helen, @Laura - All is (I believe) well now. I stayed up long enough to reese/reinstall/restore my previous operating system version. I've installed updates, verified the disk (twice!) and upgraded to Lion.

    My version 1 iPad is now at IOS 5, the new iTunes is installed - will anything ever work again? :-)

    The Mac Mini I use for writing is already running Lion - there's not a lot of software on it (no mail, iTunes, twitter, games etc - as distraction-free as possible).

    The MacBook is my day-job device. Glad I had an old Windows laptop to take up the slack.

  4. "reese" probably should have been "erase" {sigh}

  5. LOL! I figured I wasn't computer literate enough to know what "reese" was...