Thursday, April 26, 2012

W: Remembering Kate Wolf

Kate Wolf, a singer/songwriter, died of leukemia far too early. The songs on this album are all hers, sung by a range artists, many of them her friends. The songs are gorgeous. The singing beautiful. The emotion and heart in the lyrics are brought to the fore by the performances.

A personal favorite is "Here in California". The song contains the line: "And the hills go brown in the Summertime". And, in the Summer as I drive around, that song comes strongly to mind as I look at the sun-burnt hills around the Bay Area.

Truly, treasures left behind.

I had thought to make W refer to the Windham Hill "A Winter's Solstice" series. We have all of them, I believe. Good music, well performed. But, the above is quite special.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to her, especially with friends performing the songs.

    Did you plan to make A to Z a musical theme when you started out, or did it all fall into place as you went along?

    1. Hi Laura. Yes, a beautiful tribute - and the songs are beautiful also.

      I decided this year I needed a theme, and decided to make it on music I own and enjoy. The fact that some, certainly at the beginning, CDs were paired with movies was a happy accident.