Saturday, June 23, 2012

It started badly...but the ending's better

I could have written this blog entry last weekend or anytime during much of the week just gone. I didn't because I didn't want to.

I didn't know the ending, or the ending I'd begun to anticipate wasn't one I was prepared to write about.

One of our cats, Neema - the fearless one, got out last Saturday. The two are house cats. They haven't been out, other than on our balcony, since the last time Neema got out - a decade ago.

Out she got, sometime Saturday. We thought she was somewhere dark and cool in the house, for that is what she does.

She wasn't. We went looking Saturday evening and night. Sunday we printed flyers and I stuck them up all round our condo complex. We searched Sunday evening, and night. I looked Monday night, banging on a food dish with a spoon - something that calls her from the farthest reaches of the house. Normally.

No sign of her. Tuesday evening we went banging on garage doors, calling her name, in case she'd become trapped inside.

Sonja wandered around the house, a little more clingy than usual. She'd noticed her sister's absence.

We'd begun looking at rescue cats.

On Wednesday evening there came a banging on our front door. "We've found your cat!" And so they had, though it took a little effort to get her out from behind the set of bushes she'd decided provided good cover. "I just opened my door and she was sitting there," said the neighbor. Two women had been walking the complex every evening looking for her - at different times to when we'd been out.

A group of neighbors applauded. I took Neema in and sat her down in front of a food dish. She ate.

She's recovering, as are we. She lost a lot of weight. She also seems to have hurt her back, though nothing's broken. Little by little she's becoming more active, more vocal (a mixed blessing.) She's remembering her patterns. She sleeps on our bed.

An infuriating cat betimes. We are very happy to have her back.

Sonja...well, she's earning to tolerate the scent of this "new" cat. Sigh.

But, all in all, a far better ending that I'd started to fear awaited us.


  1. How frightening for you! Mine are strictly housecats too, and I know the fear of one getting out. At least Neema only escapes once a decade. :) I had to laugh at Sonja - how soon they forget.

    1. Frightening indeed, Laura.

      However, things are better with the cats this Sunday than last. Neema's sitting in the sun and Sonja's asleep in her cat condo.

      All is well.

  2. What a terrible adventure for all concerned. I'm so sorry you went through that and glad for the lovely ending. And we all thought children gave us grey hairs!

    1. Agreed, Liz. My hair is a little grayer for the events of last week. Neema's recovering - though it will take a little time.

      Traumatic all 'round.

  3. So glad it all turned out well, Kevin, and that you found her!

    I know how hard that must have been for you guys. One of my cats a few years back went missing for a whole six months and then came home looking like "what the cat dragged in", all skinny and everything. She recovered well thankfully and lived with us for a long while after that. She was an indoor/outdoor cat, but I suspect she got trapped in somewhere...

    1. Hi Estrella - six months! Poor puss, and poor you for that matter.

      I have to admit, I kinda liked your "...what the cat dragged in" reference. I'm glad she recovered. Neema is improving day by day and Sonja has decided to stop hissing at her.

      We give thanks for small and large mercies.

  4. Oh I'm so pleased she came back. I've experienced this and I know how worrying it can be. My old cat, now gone to heaven, left home when we bought in a new cat (who is now 17 years old herself) anyway the old cat that was left home, and didn't come back for days. We searched, called for her, all of those things. So I know how relieved you must be to have yours back.

    1. Thanks, Helen. Yes, we're relieved. She's getting better - most of her familiar patterns are reasserting themselves. Sonja has mellowed so there is peace between them.

      I do note Neema isn't as curious about the front door as she once was.