Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Small Stones

Somehow, in a fit of madness I suspect, I signed up for writing a small stone (defined at the link just to the left) every day this January. This January in which we move from Foster City, California to Kansas City, Missouri.

This January in which the movers arrive...tomorrow and sweep through the house like a plague of locusts. Let us pray to all that's good and holy that they don't pack up the cats!

This January when I take leave of my senses, take leave of Foster City, and drive 1,800 miles East.

This January.

My small stone for today was:

The moon, bright, white, shines down on a lake made blue and rose in the dawn of a new year.

It may be found in the comments on this post. 

I shall miss the lake. And friends. And the Bay Area. And Silicon Valley. And the San Francisco Symphony. And San Francisco itself.

Let I look forward to the Midwest. To other friends who've become dear over the past 19 years. To Kansas City that I've watched change in glimpses every Christmas over the same near-two decades.

And maybe, who knows, I may become part of Silicon Prairie now that Google is busy wiring the place with fiber. And yes, they've (whoever "they" may be) begun calling a portion of the Midwest "Silicon Prairie."


  1. Hah! Silicon has a certain ring to it.
    I do hope your cats will still be speaking to you after the trip is completed.
    I'd like to see the KC, MO library with all the books as a facade. The pictures fascinated me enough to write it into Wish.

    1. And, yes, you are certainly loony to sign up for any daily writing during a move...proving you're a true writer. ;)

    2. Loony is as loony does, Laura. And I qualify! :)

      I remember the reference to the KC Library go by in Wish. I'll photograph it when I get there and post them.

      Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I didn't get to comment on the recent Mistress Snark - tell Yvonne (gorgeous name, by the way - I must borrow it for a character sometime) I said 'Hi."

      Now, I must run - and PANIC!

    3. MOVERS! :)

      I love the name Yvonne. She doesn't like it as much but that's the way with kids. :)