Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It was 20 years ago today...

Well, not really. Not twenty—that's in about four weeks time and a whole 'nother thing anyway. And I'll get to that later.

This entry's about something that happened four years ago today. A new grouping of writers was formed. The brainchild of J. M. Strother. It's now known as #FridayFlash, although in the beginning it was #fictionfriday—something I'd forgotten until just a short while ago.

I was one of the writers who created something for the very first outing. I provided an introduction to the piece to try explain what it was all about—here it is:

A writer - J. M. Strother, a member of the writer's forum I frequent (though not as frequently as I would like), suggested Fridays become the days for fostering fiction - flash fiction in particular.
The idea, as described here, #fictionfriday, is to post a 500-word or less story on your blog - and then Tweet the fact, including a link to the story and the #fictionfriday tag.
The purpose - to increase visibility. Never a bad thing.
The below lies somewhere between experimental and flash. Enjoy.

It was later discovered that #fictionfriday was already in use within the Twitter world so Jon switched to #fridayflash, and so it has remained.

My blog tells me that I've created 60 of these short pieces over the years. They include my Small Bright Creature series—a set of small tales that gathered quite a following. They also include my Goldberg Variations —with apologies to J. S. Bach. I hope one day to finish all 32 of those and publish my variations on the theme of relationship.

I count myself fortunate that my stories found themselves included in The Best of Friday Flash Volumes 1 and 2. For Volume 2 my story was selected as one of the Editors' Choices, for which I am very grateful.

This entry is part of a Blog Hop commemorating the fours years of this writing community. The people supporting have grown beyond Jon himself. All of us who've been part of the community over the years are indebted to Jon, Estrella, Angie, Tim, Alex, Catherine, Dana, Jodi, and Susan.

The link to my first #fridayflash can be found here.

The link to the #fridayflash I wrote for this anniversary is here.


  1. I remember when #fictionfriday was first created. And then when it changed to #fridayflash which is a better name anyway, haha! I don't write flash fiction, haven't the talent for it, but I always loved to read the pieces that came out of it. And it built so quickly, it was amazingly inspiring.

    Congratulations on being among the best, Kevin! I'm not surprised at all but it's still awesome that you're cream of the crop.


    1. Thanks, Jai. Many of the pieces that came out of the #FridayFlash community have been excellent. I'm fortunate that my pieces caught the Editors' ears.

  2. Wow so you were in from the beginning. I really enjoyed your post Kevin. ^_^

    I joined in Aoril 2011 and was curious as to how many flashes I've written so counted, 88 specific to Friday Flash - there are others written for other occasions.

    Wow you made both the Friday Flash vols. congratulations, unfortunately my story was rejected, but there is a bright note, it do go on to win second prize in a people's choice award, somewhere else, so I do feel better about that. ^_^

    1. 88 is a healthy number of stories, Helen. Congratulations.

      As to your piece not making it into the collection, you followed Heinlein's rules and kept it out there until it was accepted. Congratulations on that too.

  3. Such an awesome group of writers! I still speak to many through Facebook, although I've dropped writing flash for the most part to concentrate on novel length. Maybe I'll get more active again, since I plan on writing more Death and Chronos - posting the first new one today, in fact. :)

    1. Agreed, Laura. I've remained connected with many also, yourself among them.

      I may also become more active again in the #FridayFlash community. I stopped to concentrate on longer pieces, and have produced some, but there's nothing to suggest that both aren't possible.

      Loved your new Death and Chronos piece.