Saturday, May 11, 2013

You can run but you can't hide...

The Universe has a sense of humor.

Back then, back there in Foster City, all was calm and peace. And I have photographs of a placid lake to prove it, too.

Although, although...

There was this thing on Friday evenings, just across that self-same lake—concerts, music concerts, rock concerts in fact. Well, they weren't always rock concerts. But often enough.

The folk of Foster City would gather, under the unremittingly blue sky that is Californian, and enjoy the entertainment en plein aire, as they say.

And we few...on the other side of the lake (did you know that sound travels oh so very well over water?) had a Friday evening that was inescapably entertained—whether we liked it or not.

It was a ripple in an otherwise peaceful existence there by the Bay of San Francisco. But a ripple that returned each and every Friday during the Summer months.

Aloft now in our, if not ivory at least a nice off-white shade, tower we comforted ourselves that this was one aspect in which present accommodations improved upon prior.

Did you know that Rockfest 2013 is held in Kansas City, MO? In fact it's not just 2013. It's a yearly event.

And it's held less than a mile from the above mentioned off-white tower.

And they started practicing on Friday evening.


  1. Oh, the Universe does has a sense of humor. Definitely!
    I know what that feeling of being inescapably entertained is like. I get that every day I'm working, morning or afternoon shift, the music blasting from the mall's corridor sound system seeps into the store as well as water carries sound.

    1. It does, indeed, Estrella. And I imagine a mall music selection every day gets old very quickly.

      Rockfest was only one day—and we took off for a micro-vacation.

  2. Bwahahahaha! Your psyche must have known. There's no escape...
    Is it as loud? How long does it last? One way you could combat it - go to the concert...

    1. No escape, very true, Laura.

      Well, we did escape. We ran away to the South declaring Saturday to be a micro-vacation. It worked!

  3. I could have swore I'd commented on this post already LOL anyway, free music eh perhaps you'll need free earplugs to go with it ^_^

    1. Hi Helen. I believe you did but I unhooked the blog from Google+ because it was insisting all commenters had to belong to Google+ - and that's won't do.

      Thanks for stopping by again. Yes, free earplugs are needed.

  4. haha! I guess that if you ever sold the place, you could say that it came with free concerts every Friday night during the summer?

    I agree with Helen. Ear plugs.


    1. We did manage to sell the Bay Area place. We forgot to mention the free entertainment. :)