Friday, June 14, 2013

Aurora Vintage Satin Finish Pen

A pen post. Well, it's been a while.

I'd promised myself that my next pen was going to be a one-off. I know which one, have some ideas about the shape, and will get around to the fullness of time.

And then news of a sale on Aurora pens appeared in my inbox. A vintage satin finish pen with a hooded nib. I looked, saw, and was lost. It didn't hurt that it was 50% off too. The pen arrived today. It is a beauty—as you can see.

The pen isn't very large in the hand, that honor goes to the Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age. Still, it fits comfortably.

The finish has a warm tone to it and it feels solid as you write with it.

What appealed to me was the hooded nib. I can't exactly say why that should be, other than to confess that I was, probably still am truth to tell, an aficionado of Citroën cars. The "frenched-in" wheels just looked stylish to me. As they say...there's no accounting for taste.

This isn't a new pen. The nib, what can be seen of it beyond its hood, looks like it has had some use.

But it is in very good condition. I have no complaints.

The website, and the invoice, assured me that the nib is a medium. I can't say that this is the case. The line laid down on paper is finer than any medium I have. It is as fine as any of the fine point nibs I have.

This is the fourth Aurora pen I own. It seems I have a growing fondness for them.

It is the only one that can take a cartridge. The Optimas and the Limited Edition Europa only take bottled ink. This pen arrived with a cartridge inserted and another in the box. No converter. I'll make do.

In addition to the Aurora name on the front of the band, it has the numeral 925 on the back. I am not certain to what that applies. Research today turned up nothing definitive. I'll have to dig further.

As can be seen below, the pen lays down a nice, clean line. It cannot be described as "wet"—the Aurora Europa claims that distinction. I'll be happy to use this pen as a day-to-day pen for a while.  I like the way it behaves.


  1. Whether it's medium or not, it's quite lovely.


    1. Thanks, Jai. It is. I love the warm satin finish. And it is very pleasing to write with.