Sunday, June 30, 2013

Testing a new blogging approach

For blogging on the go it's useful to have a keyboard always with you. Kind of like the best camera to have is the one with you. Hence the popularity of cell phone cameras. 

For dashing off a quick blog post - something I'm known for, yes? No, not really - having a means to do it then and there is useful. 

Enter my smartphone. In this case, a BlackBerry. Yes, I've joined the ranks of the "crackberries."

We'll, re-joined truth to tell. I had Blackberries a long time ago - before they were phones. 

But I like to blog with a keyboard - a real one. And, with my recent experience with autocorrect in the middle of a haiku, I'm taking no chances. This baby's got a full qwerty keyboard. 

And I have a bad gadget habit. But we knew this. 

Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.


  1. I hate auto correct - it's sneaky! ^__^ I'm still on my keyboard at my desk.

    1. Sneaky, it is, Helen. I have laptops with keyboards all over the place, but now I full keyboard on my phone.

      Happy - gadget - camper. :)

  2. Have fun with it, what else are all those gadgets for?

    I still cling to my little itty bitty cell, twelve years old, with no hope in hell of tweeting from it.


    1. Thanks, Jai. It's true. I get inordinate fun out my my gadgets. One day this little boy will grow up.

      But not yet.